Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to make your own PRIMA type flowers~At the CRAFT TABLE

I just recently made a beautiful card that I couldn't find the right flower for! The colors I had were off and the sizes I had were just not what I wanted. So, I made my own! And I love the way it turned out! The cards name is "little things", check it out. I started with a paper that would absorb water, because I was looking for the aged distressed look. I used a drawing paper that I got at MICHEALS. I took my piece of paper, and crunched it up into a ball. I opened it up and did it a couple more times.(distressing it) I then took my paper and started tearing flower petals, but you can also cut them out. Flower petals are smaller toward the center and bigger toward the outside, so you will need about 5 flower petals for each row, and I had 3 rows, of 3 different sizes. That gives it a nice layered look! The petal shape is like an upside down elongated tear drop.And don't sweat it if they are not perfect, that is the fun of it. Once you have all your petals torn/cut place them on a piece of paper and get them wet.They don't have to be soaked, just wet enough to bleed the color. I used my ink pens, and pads for this process. You can use a water pen to pick up the ink and disperse it around the petal. I think it looks more realistic if the darker color is on the outer edge of the petal. Once you have all the petals done you can let them dry right there, or peel them up and place them in a little bowl.BE CAREFUL THEY WILL TEAR EASILY! Place them on the curved part of the bowl so that it gives the petal a little shape as it drys! You can also re wet them latter and add more color or re shape them. You can also use chalk, TWINKLING H2O, or glaze to add dimension. Then assemble the petals. You can glue them together or put a hole in the end of the petal and use a brad as the center. Then enjoy! I hope you enjoy your flower, I would love to see the flowers you come up with. Please post them. ~Tacey Anne