Monday, August 30, 2010


Hi everyone~ Wow, it has been a rough week. I am sorry I didn't post, but I was layed up in bed with a very painful monthly visitor. So, I am back on my feet and I have finished a cute card that I absolutely love.  I had searched the Internet for some cute digi stamps and I came across this site.

                                          The free digi stamp is the Mumford mouse image. I then free-handed the whipped cream can. I then achieved the whipped cream with a product called Puffy Velvet fabric marker. It is made by Marvy uchida. Once you draw out what you want, you let it dry, then heat it up with your heating tool. And voila, Instant whipped cream- SWEET!
Well, I don't need to tell you what I thought of them, cause is self explanatory. I thought it would be so cute to make a card out of it! So here is Mumford Mouse from Two scoops rice designs. And did I mention it was free! She has got a couple really cute freebies over there. So check out her site, right after you check out my cute card! Please let me know what you think. Adios, till my next post.~ Tacey
   This is the inside of the card. I usually try to decorate the inside to coordinate with the front.

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